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12 thoughts on “Products

  1. What’s the price for the coffee machine and the air purifier concentrate?


  2. Hi I am looking for the air purifier concentrate I would like the 3 x 30ml eucalyptus,ocean mist lavender and the 3x 30ml vanilla, citrus and morning dew. I bought the purifier at my local mica however they have not been able to get me the concentrates. I am waiting for almost two months. Please can I purchase online send me details. Since I do not have the concentrates I cannot use my purifier and feel I have wasted money.


  3. I would like a pricelist of all your products on your website please. Cool Christmas gift ideas.


  4. Price list please


    • Hi, apologies for my late reply.
      We have had a shipment of NEW products, and as soon as I have completed the price list I will send it on to you.
      Thank you for your patience.
      The Team at Just Great Imports


  5. Hallo. I want a air purifier! My daughter has chest problems and your product sound if it may help. Where can I get an catalog and price list. Do you have a shop in Port Elizabeth


  6. Hi there! Any news on the Crystal Aire concentrate? Looking for the Ocean, Lavender, Eucalyptus pack. Desperately!

    Thanks a million!


    • Good day

      Thank you for your enquiry.

      We are currently still out of stock.

      Please be advised that you can buy them from selected Clicks stores (phone clicks customer help line to get the store closest to you ) , Kalahari or Take a lot , or the Kitz brand from Dischem , you must not use normal essential oils as they damage the machine.

      I hope that this is of assistance to you.



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